JW // Tips

Alex Otaola

One recommendation would be to make extreme bends when you string them on, so that during the show the strings are ready to take the necessary punishment to move the audience...

Felipe Souza

After playing, you have to clean the strings with a lint-free cotton cloth. This will increase the life of these marvelous strings...

Emmanuel Mora

I recommend stringing Jimmy Wess Professional nickel wound strings tight from the start, using about two turns for the sixth, two and a half for the fifth, three for the fourth, and four, five and six for the third, second and first, respectively, and then pulling the strings until they no longer drop out of tune – this will ensure they stay in tune with the tension they'll have throughout their life.

David González

As a tip, try the steel and nickel strings to get the sound you're looking for. Mine is steel. Enjoy this great product.

Daniel Calderón

Have a cloth wipe ready for every time you finish playing to clean the bass and strings – this helps the strings stay bright longer, because we remove the sweat and dirt from our hands...

Arturo Tranquilino

Combine string gauges on your guitars to discover new sounds and experiences...